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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Reproductive Health : Understand Contraceptives In Rahim Safe for Mother

Understand Contraceptives In Rahim Safe for Mother

Contraceptive in the uterus is mounted contraception for women, in which its use is to be planted in the womb. Sounds a little scary, is not it? However, do not worry because the use of contraceptives is still within safe limits. Even quite safe for the mother.

One example of an intrauterine that is often used is a spiral or IUD or also called IUD. This tool is quite effective and there is even able to survive in the long term of 10 years. However, the installation of this equipment must be carried out by experts, such as midwives or doctors who are experts in their field.

Broadly speaking, the workings of contraception is to prevent the spiral meets an egg with sperm for conception can be avoided. By doing so, of course, unwanted pregnancies can be avoided. Or rather, those who want to set the spacing of pregnancy, can make spiral contraception is the best option.

Given the tool is inserted in the uterus, many women are afraid of the impact of the installation of this tool. Keep in mind, with a spiral contraception is fairly safe to use. Marital relationship will not interfere with the installation of this spiral. In addition, the use of contraception spiral also has no hormonal side effects, milk production remains smooth and of course can be installed immediately postpartum.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, using a spiral contraception also has its drawbacks. So, what are the disadvantages that the contraceptive use this spiral? In general, women who use contraceptive spiral will change her menstrual cycle. In addition, often the mother who uses this kb tool will experience pain during menstruation and bleeding. Even more frightening, this bleeding will be followed by seizures for approximately 3 to 5 days after installation.

Due to the above reasons, not everyone can use contraceptive IUD or spiral. Some people are not allowed to use this spiral is women who are pregnant and infected with vaginitis and cervicitis diseases or infectious diseases. In addition, women who experience vaginal bleeding and a history of tumor diseases, tuberculosis and cancer are also not recommended to use these spiral kb.

Now, while women may be using spiral kb This is a woman who has the desire to install a spiral contraception in the long term, both postpartum and breastfeeding mothers. In addition, women in reproductive age and has no risk of contagious diseases may also use this spiral contraception.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reproductive Health : The Right Time for Husband and Wife Relationship When Pregnant

The Right Time for Husband and Wife Relationship When Pregnant

Tips Family Health - a pregnant woman or wife is certainly not an obstacle to relations of husband and wife. Even husband and wife relationship Pregnancy done so as to provide happiness, improve family harmony, an expression of concern and affection between husband and wife. Noteworthy is the relation of husband and wife during pregnancy must be done correctly, so the pregnancy can continue safely and wife still feel uncomfortable when the relationship of husband and wife during pregnancy even get satisfaction. The aspects that must be considered when dealing Husband and Wife during pregnancy are:
  • Position and Movement When Pregnant Wife Husband Relationship
  • Relationships do body in a relaxed position, not tiring especially wife
  • Do not use the position relationship of husband and wife to be your wife's abdomen
  • Husband should not include the genitals too deep.

The Right Time While Pregnant Wife Husband Relationship:
  • When husband and wife want to do it,
  • Wife in a healthy state, not too tired and more recommendable when the mornings.

Spots occur due to the relationship of husband and wife When Pregnant

When a woman reaches orgasm will occur slight contraction (tension sort of mild cramping) in the womb. If this is the case since the beginning, then the condition of continuous cramps during orgasm or as a result of the activity Relationship Husband and Wife exhausting can lead to bleeding during a pregnancy when the husband and wife relationship.

Sperm danger to Fetus

Semen is not harmful to the fetus in the womb, except when the husband was suffering from genital infections or suffer from AIDS. But For Pregnant Women who are prone to miscarriage (never experienced spots), early pregnancy (first trimester) should not be spilled sperm in the vagina. This is because semen contains prostaglandins that can stimulate contractions of the uterine muscle. Conversely when the birth is advisable to do more husband and wife relationship, thus helping to stimulate contractions.

Semen can not contaminate the baby because he was protected safely in the bag. However, if the husband was suffering from genital infections and in the treatment, you should use a condom when dealing with a pregnant wife.

Early Pregnancy Agency related to the fact harmless, even reduces tension and stress due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women. But should also be careful - the liver does, Including further limit the frequency of the relationship of husband and wife is currently pregnant.

Prohibition of Relationship Husband Wife When Pregnant
  • Husband and Wife Husband and Wife Related prohibited during pregnancy when the membranes have ruptured,
  • Husbands are infected with HIV or AIDS and related husband and wife do not use condoms,
  • Pregnant women have a history of miscarriage too often,
  • In the diagnosis of placenta previa and bleeding.

With some of the above tips hopefully you can still enjoy the wife and husband and wife relationship while pregnant. But when his wife suffered minor complaint mules feels like pain and cramps during menstruation, or exit brownish spots or bleeding in pink up with fresh blood dripping, examination of nearest doctor immediately, so that the risk of miscarriage can be avoided.

  • Pregnancy-related Husband and Wife still be done with a few requirements that must be met,
  • Associated Body movement during pregnancy should be carefully and slowly,
  • Pregnant when the husband and wife relationship is forbidden to do, if it can be harmful to the mother and fetus.

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