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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tips For Reading To Toddlers

There are at least a certain percentage of parents who don’t know the importance of reading to your toddler. They may wait a bit long to read for their toddlers. This is due to a false concept that a toddler is not developed enough to understand if you read aloud to them. But, it is important to know that reading to your toddler is very crucial in developing their communication skills. You just read aloud to your toddler without thinking too much about whether your toddler understands what you are reading to them. 

Your toddler will grasp and store the words, language and tone in their unconscious mind while you are reading. If you are reading to your toddler daily, it will increase their language skills, and exposure to a large vocabulary. Here are some practical tips for reading to your toddlers that will make the process easier and effective.

Comfort level: It is important to keep your toddler comfortable and contended while reading for them. Don’t force them to listen to you. Leave them if they are not interested. Try to attract them to the books by trying different ideas.

Routine: Toddlers love to follow routines in their life. Reading to your toddlers will be more effective if you make it as a part of their routine. Bedtime stories are the best way to make reading to your toddlers more effective.

Don’t be serious: Don’t make the process of reading to your toddlers a serious procedure. Being silly and childish is the best way to attract your toddler. Their ears will be listening to your sounds even if they are playing and moving around.

Be flexible: If you find that your toddler is interested in any particular picture or story in a book, try to read from it. Do not force your toddler to follow what you want to read for them. Be flexible in the timing as well. 

Be active: Sitting calmly in a chair and reading to your toddler may not work effectively. Make noise, show some actions and be curious while you try to read to your toddlers. This will help grab the attention of your toddler. 

Colourful pictures: Colours will attract toddlers. Select books with colourful pictures. Show the picture to your toddlers and try to explain about the one which they select. This will help you make your toddler focused on what you are reading to them.

Be expressive: Try to be expressive while reading to your toddlers. This will keep them active and interested. Use finger plays, songs and actions to get the attention of your toddler. Leaving open ended questions will also help make them curious.

Use familiar names: It is a good idea to replace the names of the characters in the story with names that are more familiar to your toddlers. This will make them more interested. Use the name of your toddler often while you read.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10 signs you are dating the wrong girl

Relationships are lifetime commitments and when it comes to the matter of a life partner, it is more crucial. It is important to make sure that you are with the right person. The relationship with a girl who understands, loves and cares you will last forever and will keep you happy and satisfied throughout the life. But, how to know that you are dating a person who will never be your Miss. Perfect is the great question that has to be solved with practically useful answers. 

Being yourself will be possible only if you don’t have to pretend before your woman. Knowing the signs you are dating the wrong woman will help keep your future happy and tension free. Being in a wrong relationship can make your future miserable. Making a deep study about your relationship, keeping apart all the fascinations and frustrations may help you solve the problem.

Being single is horrible. But, being in a wrong relationship will be the worst experience. Go through this list of common features that can be considered as signs you are dating the wrong girl. 

Over possessive: Being possessive is quite natural in a relationship and every man enjoys this deep in their heart. But, if your girl is over possessive, this is one of the important signs you are dating the wrong girl. 

You can’t be yourself: In some cases, you may be forced to wear a mask just to meet the expectations and demands of your woman. Be alert because this is one of the signs you are dating the wrong women.

No mutual respect: Any relationship without mutual respect will end in a breakup. If your girl is treating you as an opponent, chances are less that you will have a happy ever after. Consider this as a sign that you are with a wrong girl.

Not interested in your family: Do your girl find excuses when you try to introduce her to your family? If your woman doesn’t show any interest in knowing your family details, consider it as one of the signs you are dating the wrong girl.

She avoids serious discussions: If your partner is interested only in your compliments about their stunning dress, rose lipstick or new hairstyle, you have enough reasons to doubt whether she will be the right person to share your life. 

She is self-centered: This is another warning that you are with a wrong woman. A selfish partner is not what a man expects in a relationship. They are not a good choice for you as they will never consider your feelings and concerns.

She is dominating: If your girl is trying to lock you in preset instructions and commands, you will never get a chance to think and do what you really love. If your girl is trying to rule you, consider it as one among the signs you are dating the wrong girl. 

She is a Miss. Jealous: Do your girl turn her face when you talk to a beautiful girl? Generally, women became jealous when they have the feelings of insecurity. Moreover, a jealous partner will always be a trouble in a relationship. 

Wannabe and dreamy: Nothing will be more difficult for a man than satisfying a dreamy girlfriend. If your girl wants you to do everything in a filmy manner, chances are more that you will fail in most cases. 

Workaholic:This is another typical sign to indicate that you are dating a wrong girl. If your girlfriend loves to sacrifice her personal life for her professional life, you may not enjoy your life to its fullest. 

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Ways To Increase Water Intake During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings along a plethora of changes to your body. It indeed is a difficult journey. Water is the key fluid in providing a balanced diet. Pregnancy demands an even higher intake of water. As you progress with your pregnancy you will need to replace the water lose due to the frequent visit to the washroom. So, you should learn how to increase water intake during pregnancy? 

Are you feeling hungry even after your meals? Do you feel bloated? Then, sufficient water intake is your only saving factor. Since your baby is continuously growing water intake is as important as any other multivitamins.Excess water intake has slew of benefits for mommy and baby like reducing the risk of high blood pressure and other complications. This makes knowing how to increase water intake during pregnancy more important. 

Proper fluid intake during the first trimester of pregnancy can even prevent gestational emesis. It helps to carry the essential nutrients to your baby. Increases Effective breast milk production, produces sufficient amount of amniotic fluid, helps combat constipation dehydration, urinary tract infection and other complications related to pregnancy. Here are some points about how to increase water intake during pregnancy. 

How much water do you really need?: An expectant mom should be drinking more than the normal recommended 8 glasses of water per day. She should be drinking more than the half of their body weight in water. That means if you weigh 130 pounds you should be drinking 65 ounces of water. But, you may be confused about how to increase water intake during pregnancy. 

Replace Water With Other Fluids: If you are uncomfortable drinking water, you can replace it with other fluids like lemon juice, milk or coconut water. If you enjoy drinking leban you store a bottle of leban in your refrigerator. 

Help Of a Water Bottle: This is a very easy tip to make you relaxed about how to increase water intake during pregnancy. Drink water from a water bottle. Each time you drink water, mark your target. This can work wonders rather than counting the number of glasses of water you had daily. 

Set an alarm: If you are confused about how to increase water intake during pregnancy, here is an idea. Set an alarm every two hours to remind you about drinking water. This will help you increase your daily water intake during pregnancy. 

Coconut Water: If you are confused about how to increase water intake during pregnancy, consider drinking coconut water. It is a healthier diet option compared to any juices. Drinking coconut water can help to maintain your daily water intake during pregnancy. 

Drink water every two hours: Never drink the recommended ounces of water at a time instead try to drink water every two hours. Remember to carry your water bottle on the go to ensure your daily water intake during pregnancy.

After every washroom visit: Remember to drink water after each visit to your bathroom. After every visit to the toilet, take a turn to your kitchen as well. This will help you increase your daily water intake during pregnancy. 

Eat watery fruits and vegetables: Include fruits and vegetables with high water content like watermelon and cucumber. This will help you forget your doubt about how to increase water intake during pregnancy.

Add Flavour To the Water: You can make small cubes of your favourite juice and add to your drinking water to make it more palatable. Make a bottle of lime juice and store in your refrigerator to ensure your daily water intake during pregnancy. l

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Tips To Increase Appetite During Pregnancy

Decreased appetite is a common complaint of pregnant women. But, it is not a simple issue that can be left uncared. Pregnancy time demands an increase in your food intake for the growth and development of your unborn baby. The main reason behind this sudden decrease in appetite is the drastic hormonal changes that occur in your body. It is important to take the necessary steps to increase appetite during pregnancy for the health of both you and your baby. 

Eating anything is not what we want to focus. Eating healthy is the point. Foetus gets all the adequate nutrients from the food that you eat. This makes healthy eating during pregnancy an important factor of concern. Following a well balanced diet is one of the crucial factors that determine the mental and physical growth of your baby. 

It is natural that your appetite goes down during the first trimester due to morning sickness and other associated discomforts. But, once you get recovered from the period of morning sickness, you should naturally get back your appetite. If it is not happening so, it is important to take steps to increase appetite during pregnancy. Here are some tips that may help you increase appetite during pregnancy.

Tips To Increase Appetite During Pregnancy 

Eat small meals: This is one of the important points that you have to keep in your mind while trying to increase appetite during pregnancy. Eat small meals instead of filling your stomach with one heavy meal. 

Mild exercise: Doing exercise during pregnancy is good not only to improve your physical fitness, but also to increase appetite during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor before doing exercise to ensure that you don’t have any medical problems relating to pregnancy that demands taking a rest.

Eat what you love: Chances are more that your loss of appetite is due to your mental attitude. It is common to have a food craving while you are pregnant. If you feel to eat anything special, eat it. This will help satisfy you and will help increase appetite during pregnancy.

Manage morning sickness: Most of the pregnant women experience loss of appetite due to morning sickness. In some women, it may last even up to the last trimester. So take necessary steps to manage your morning sickness and it will help increase appetite during pregnancy. 

Yoga:Practicing yoga is a good idea to increase appetite during pregnancy. There are many Asanas that are specifically designed for increasing appetite. But, remember to practice yoga only from a professional yoga trainer. 

Healthy snacks: It is a good idea to have a healthy eating during pregnancy. Include some healthy snacks in your diet. This will help increase appetite during pregnancy because a small stimulation to your digestive system can induce appetite.

Avoid junk food: Eating junk food during pregnancy should be completely avoided. Junk foods are not at all good for you or your baby. Moreover, it will reduce appetite as well. Reducing the intake of junk food will help increase appetite during pregnancy. 

Try new recipes: If you are bored with the routine recipes, try something new today. A change in the taste and texture of your food will definitely increase your appetite. But, remember that eating during pregnancy should be healthy.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why one should have a role model?

Almost everyone has role models in their life. Considering a person as your role model completely depends on your attitude and mindset about life. Your role model will be the one who offer you inspiration to live your life the way you want it to be. People vary in their options for role models, where it can be writers, sports stars, film stars, politicians, scientists and even their own teachers or parents. 

Having a role model is a good idea to aspire yourself to reach the point where you believe your limelight should be. It is natural that we wish to lead a life in the same standards set by our role model. Having a role model can help you live better, but remember, they should always be positive. If you wonder why one should have a role model, here are some points that may help you get the answer. 

Boost up assurance: If you have a role model who is successful in his life, this will give you a power of assurance that you can also win. “If I can do it, so can you” is the quote that role models embed here. The life experiences of a person who worked hard for achieving what he desired can make you move forward with confidence and self-esteem.

Make success easier: If your role model is the one who achieved what you aim in your life, it will be easy for you to know how to handle the same situations. Having a role model is important to understand what you are about to face when you are also moving in the same path.

Increased motivation: If you are a part of any debate about why should one have a role model, consider this as a supporting point. Having a role model will help you get motivated to attain your aim. There are many people who struggled more than what you can imagine to reach their aims. Considering them as role models will be an inspiring experience. 

Setting up an aim: Following the principles of a successful person will help you lead your life with a particular aim. Once you are confident that achieving your goal is not an impossible thing, you will get inspired and stimulated. If you think why one should have a role model in life, it is all because of the positive influence that they can offer. 

Spread the message: Having a role model will help you spread their messages and ideas to more people. If you strongly follow the principles of your role model, you can spread it to others as well, thereby making more people inspire to lead a worthy life.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Important Vaccinations For Your Baby

Vaccination schedule includes a series of vaccination at the right time in the right dose, either as a recommended plan or as a compulsory program depending on the country of residence. Giving vaccination to your baby right from birth is very important in providing active immunity. Vaccination may be of single or multiple doses for getting its complete effect.

It is important to know the correct vaccination schedules that have to be followed for your baby. The vaccination schedule may vary depending on various factors. It may include any additions depending on any particular family history or environmental exposure. But, most of the important vaccinations remain the same. 

Certain factors like the country in which you live, your baby’s health or the need for any optional vaccinations may influence the usual vaccination schedule. The timing of vaccination is also of great significance. Here is a list of the important vaccinations in India that you have to give to your baby.

Important Vaccinations For Your Baby 

At birth: 

It is important to give certain vaccinations right after the birth. This includes BCG vaccination for tuberculosis, Oral Polio Vaccine(OPV) for polio and the first dose of Hepatitis B. The doses of OPV and Hepatitis B should be continued and the next dose will be in the 6thweek. 

6 Weeks: 

First dose of DTP for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, Oral Polio Vaccine, First dose of Haemophilus influenza , Second dose of Hepatitis B, Rotavirus(optional) and Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine(optional). 

Rotavirus and Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine are not compulsory vaccinations. But, those who travel out of India may have to take these vaccinations depending on the vaccination policies of the particular countries. 

10 weeks:

Second dose of DTP for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, Oral Polio Vaccine, Second dose of Haemophilus influenza, Second dose of Rotavirus (optional) and Second dose of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (optional). 

The dose of Rotavirus vaccinations includes two or three doses depending on the brand of vaccine you select. If you opted for vaccination having two doses, then by the 10th week you will finish the full doses. But, if you opted for vaccination with three doses, then the next dose should be at 14thweek. 

14 Weeks:

Third dose of DTP for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, Oral Polio Vaccine, Third dose of Haemophilus influenza , Third dose of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (optional) and Third dose of Hepatitis B.

9 Months – 18 Months:

Measles, Hepatitis A, Mumps Measles Rubella, Varicella, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) and Oral Polio Vaccine. The second dose MMR vaccine can be given at any time 4 – 8 weeks after the first dose. Varicella second dose can be given any time 3 months after the first dose.

These are the important vaccinations that you should give to your baby. It is important to consult your paediatrician before administering any kind of vaccination. Giving vaccinations to your baby at the right time will help them to be immune throughout their life.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Improving social relationships in children

Successful interactions with other people act as the key for development of social skills in kids. You will be able to enjoy successful social relationships in adolescence, only if you develop it from your early childhood. Keeping this in mind, you have to give more importance in developing your kid’s communication skills and social skills. Children begin their lives in a social set up of the family and it from here they have to study the basics of social relationship in childhood. 

As the age advances, they will be introduced to the outside world, where they have to come in contact with different people of different age, sex and character. What your kid learns in their childhood will influence their social relationships in the adolescence as well. Here, we may discuss some ways to improve the ability of your kid to get involved in a society to improve their social acceptance. 

Allow them to mingle: Allow your kids to mingle with other children. Being with the same age group will help them understand how to deal with different children with different character. This will mark the basics of social skills that they will take along with their social relationships in the adolescence. Through their peer relationships, children learn assertiveness, conflict management, and aggression control.

Encourage:Encourage your kids to get involved in group activities. This can be achieved by taking them to become a part of group gatherings or family meetings. It will be a good idea to encourage your kid to introduce himself to others. Never make them feel bad for their shy nature. Give them support and confidence to face a crowd. 

Nurture problem solving ability: Allow your kid to find a solution to his problems, before you enter completely into the scene. This will help them understand how to deal with negative situations with a positive mindset. Many social relationships in childhood demand this skill, especially when the kids are away from their parents. 

Responsive parenting: Social relationships start from the small world of family. So, you should act as an observant and responsive parent to develop the social skills of your kid. This will be the best idea to increase your kid’s self-confidence that will reflect in their behaviour. The ground stone that form in early childhood determines the quality of social relationships in their adolescence. 

Teach the art of conversation: Making your kid aware how to initiate, continue and end conversations with people of different ages is very important. This will help them develop social skill in childhood with confidence. Teach them how to negotiate, how to give and take compliments and how to stay assertive instead of being aggressive.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Everyday easy hair care tips

Hair has an important role in defining your beauty. At the same time, it is an indication of your overall health as well. Dedicate some time everyday to care your hair. This will help you get healthy and beautiful hair without much effort. Everyday care is different from other optional hair care or hair styling. This should be considered as a part of your daily hair routine, which includes steps for hygiene and cosmetology. 

Your hair is exposed to many external factors which may damage your hair over time. Doing something now is better than regretting later. Along with following a healthy diet to make your hair stay healthy, there are some everyday hair care tips that you can try Following everyday care will help you go a long way with beautiful and stunning hair. Keep your locks adorable and eye catching with some important tips to avoid hair fall and breakage, while promoting hair growth. 

Here we may discuss some important everyday hair care tips that will help you bring out the best of your hair. 

Wash regularly: One of the most important everyday hair care tips for a healthy hair is to wash it regularly. This will help to remove any accumulate dust and dirt, thereby avoiding the chance of development of dandruff. Massage your scalp: It is a good idea to massage your scalp with warm oil to improve hair growth. Include this as a part of your daily routine as this is very helpful in increasing the blood flow to promote hair growth

Use a mild shampoo: Using shampoo everyday is a topic of controversy. But, it is widely accepted that including a shampoo wash in your everyday hair care is best if you use a mild shampoo. You can opt for natural products like juice of hibiscus. Pat dry:This is one among the most important everyday hair care tips that people usually overlook. Always avoid wringing your hair with a towel after a wash. Applying too much pressure on hair when it is wet will cause breakage. 

Air dry:Careful drying is one of the most crucial daily hair care tips. It is better to avoid using a dryer. If you are using a dryer, keep it in the cold settings because excess daily exposure to heat may damage your hair. Never tie when wet:Never try to tie up your hair when it is wet. This is one of the important everyday hair care tips that you have to remember, especially if you are working woman who has to rush to the office after a shower. 

Avoid brushing while wet: Wet hair is more fragile and it will break very easily if not handled with care. It is recommended to include this also in the list of daily hair care tips. If brushing, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Avoid styling products: Styling may make you look stylish, but it is not so safe for a healthy hair. Limit the use of styling products that can harm your hair as part of everyday hair care tips. Styling products may make your hair brittle. 

Don’t let it loose: Leaving your hair open exposing your new hairstyle will make you attractive. But, doing this regularly may damage your hair. Continuous exposure to direct sunlight, dust and dirt will make your hair dry and brittle. 

Night care:Before going to bed, comb your hair and tie it. Don’t tie too tight as this may cause breakage and hair fall. Leaving your hair free while sleeping has a tendency to break g may result in knots and tangles.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to eat well during 2nd trimester

Now that you are in your second trimester of pregnancy, you are no more worried about your queasy first trimester. Now it’s time for you to become audacious in your food selection as you are not worried about your morning sickness. 

You can satisfy your craving, but, remember to make it nutritious for your unborn baby. Second trimester is the time when pregnant women become hungrier due to the growth and development of the baby. This is the time when the vital organs of your baby undergo development. Following a healthy diet for second trimester that includes all the necessary nutritional requirements of your baby is important. 

Your diet should consist of iron, protein, calcium, vitamins and trace minerals. Healthy diet is the key for a healthy baby. Here, we may discuss how to eat well during the second trimester of pregnancy.

More iron:As your baby is growing, the demand for iron in the mother’s body will increase. Iron is important in blood formation and this will help in supplying enough nutrients to the baby. Include iron rich foods like banana, dates, bitter guard and gooseberry in your diet. Iron rich foods are considered as healthy foods for second trimester. 

Enough calcium: Calcium is very important in the second trimester for the growth and development of bones and cartilages of your baby. Providing enough calcium will prevent using calcium from mother’s bone. Include calcium rich foods like milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables in your routine.

Low fat:As you enter the second trimester, your chance to put on weight will also increase. It is recommended to take food low in fat. Using low fat dairy products will help you keep your weight under control. Lean meat is also an excellent choice to make a part of your healthy diet for second trimester.

Low carbohydrate:Prefer decreased intake of carbohydrates while you are in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is because of the fact that the chance for getting gestational diabetes is more during the second trimester. Diabetes will lead to many serious complications. 

Extra protein:Since your baby is growing rapidly, protein is in demand always. Include foods that are rich in protein in your diet. Take dry fruits, vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products. Providing enough protein to your body will help in the cell division process that takes place in the second trimester. 

Rich in fibre: Second trimester of pregnancy is the time when most of the women complain of constipation. Make sure that you are taking enough fibre rich foods. This will help make the bowel movement proper, thereby preventing constipation. Include water melon, bran, broccoli, beans and orange in your diet.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Parenting Challenges: Son Vs Daughter

Unfortunately there are no particular and specific rules in parenting your kids. It is your responsibility to set rules which will help you to raise your kids to a perfect personality. Even though we focus on common and generalized parenting tips to raise our kids, it is a fact that the parenting tricks and technique should be different and diverse depending on the gender, age, character and attitude of the kids. Out of these, gender of your kids plays an important role in parenting.If you have both son and daughter, it is important to know the importance of gender in parenting. 

Sons and daughters differ in their attitude, interests, thoughts and mindsets. As a parent it is important to understand these differences, instead of trying to implement a general rule for raising your kids. One of the greatest parenting challenges is the gender of your kids. While trying to implement diversified rules for your sons and daughters, it is important to consider their age as well. 

Here are some of the biggest parenting challenges that you may face while considering sons Vs daughters. Knowing this may help you to take necessary actions to raise your kids in the perfect way. 

Parenting Challenges: Son Vs Daughter 

1.Interests:Parenting kids of different genders become more challenging because your sons and daughters differ in their interests. It is important to focus on those factors that your kids are interested. A doll may be accepted by your daughter as a reward, but may not be with your son. He may prefer an outing or a cricket bat.

2.Age:The mindset of your son and daughter is different. Implementing the same parenting techniques for both sons and daughters is a wrong idea. Something that worked on your six year old daughter may not work on your son when he is six years old.

3.Physical activities: One of the biggest parenting challenges that you may face in sons Vs daughters may be satisfying the difference in their options for games and physical activities. It is important to consider the needs of both your son and daughter.Boys are interested more in strenuous sports while girls like to be involved in light games.

4.Behaviour:Have you ever been surprised to see that most of the parenting techniques that worked perfectly with your daughter fail on your son? It is just because of the difference in their behaviour. Don’t expect your son to react in a gentle way as your daughter does.

5.Biological development: Boys and girls differ in their mental and physical development. It is important to educate them about the changes that have to be expected. Proper adult education will help them to become aware of biological changes and will teach them to differentiate and report any kind of physical abuse.

6.Attachment:It is said that boys are closer to their mother and girls are more attached to their fathers when they are kids. The condition may change as they become teens, but accept the difference when they are kids and design your parenting plans according to this. 

7.Favouritism:Even though not so common, favouritism is one of the major challenges that a parent who have both sons and daughters may face. Treat both your son and daughter equally and pay attention in satisfying their needs and requirements.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Parenting tips for Downs syndrome toddlers

What should I do next? This is the common question that all parents face when their babies get diagnosed with Down syndrome. Parenting a child with Down syndrome is a bit difficult than what we imagine. Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition that results in an amalgamation of birth abnormalities. You have to manage various physical and mental problems while parenting a child with Down syndrome. 

For some parents, a routine ultrasound scanning may suggest that you have to expect a baby with Down syndrome. But, for some others, everything will come as a bundle of surprise and shock along with the baby. Whatever it is, face the situation with confidence and hope. Parenting a child with Down syndrome is no more a difficult task with the advance in medical science. Toddlers are at the right age to get trained to acquire many skills that will help them live an almost normal life. Consider them as normal children who need a little more care and support from the parents. 

Since the responsibility to implement some parenting tips for Down syndrome is completely on you, your task will become a little thornier. Here, we may discuss some easy and effective parenting tips for Down syndrome.

Know what it is:Having a baby with Down syndrome may put the parents under pressure by the attitude and approach of the society. So, it is important for you to know what the disease exactly is. Move on with confidence and try to spread the awareness. 

Make a plan:It is a good idea to discuss with other parents who are facing the same situation. This will help you know how they handled each situation. Stay away from conventional theoretical rules and plot a plan by using these practical solutions that can help your toddler improve a lot. 

Be patient:It is very important to be patient while parenting a child with Down syndrome. Since your toddler will take a little more time to attain most of the abilities, you have to wait with 

Proper educational programs:Give the needed educational assistance to your toddler at the recommended age. This will help them improve their skills and talent. There are special education programs and schools that offer a strong future to your child. 

Rehabilitation techniques:Don’t think that having a toddler with Down syndrome is the end of the world. Proper training and guidance can make your child strong enough to challenge the concepts. Following the necessary rehabilitation techniques is all what you have to do.

Manage health issues:One of the most important parenting tips for Down syndrome is to manage the related health issues by providing regular medical care. They are more prone to heart defects, intestinal problems, hearing or vision problems, increased risk for leukaemia, thyroid problems and infections.

Professional help:Getting professional advice is very important in raising your child with clear directions. This professional group will include doctors, occupational therapist, speech therapist, counsellors and trained teachers. 

Know your toddler:Find out the strengths and limitations of your toddler. This is one of the effective parenting tips for Down syndrome. Recognizing the point where you have to give more emphasis will help face their physical, mental, educational and behavioural challenges. 

Avoid comparison:Understand that your child is special in the way he is. Sink with the truth that your toddler is a bit different in physical and mental developments. So, avoid comparing them with other children of the same age. Instead, focus on bringing the best out of your toddler.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tips for first time parents

Parenting is the toughest, yet rewarding job in this world. Along with the whole new exciting experience that your baby offers you, there will be many hidden challenges that you have to face. In short, parenting is easy: but successful parenting is a bit difficult. 

As a new mom or dad, you will be handling most of these situations for the first time in your life. Chances are more that this will make you more tensed and confused. What makes parenting a sweet experience is the nectar of love on your responsibilities. The early months of a bay will come as a single package of joy and trouble. 

This is the time when you will start searching on tips for new parents. If you are also one among them, here you can get some helpful suggestions for new parents.

Manage your sleep schedule:The early months of your baby will demand much of your sleep time. Since it is important for the parents to get enough sleep, adjust the timings with your baby’s unpredictable sleep schedule. If you didn’t get enough sleep in the night, take a nap in the day whenever possible. Getting enough sleep will help you stay healthy to take care of your baby. 

Keep your house hygienic:It is one of the most important tips for new parents. You have to clean your home even before the arrival of the newcomer. Newborn babies have low immunity and they are more prone to infections. Remove any materials that are generally considered as allergic to babies. Avoid taking any chance by keeping your home hygienic. 

Be prepared: Once your baby comes home, you are going to spend the major part of your time with them. It will not be the right time for you to shop. One of the helpful suggestions for new parents is to make a list and get all the baby necessities in one trip. If needed, take the help of another person for shopping.

Help each other:Understand that parenting is the responsibility of both of the partners. It is one of the most important parenting tips for new parents to help each other. If you feel that you need a help, don’t hesitate to ask your partner for help. Apart from baby care, you can share household works as well.

Medical care:Know all about the basic vaccinations that have to be given to the baby. It is important to remember the dates when you have to give each vaccination. Talk to your doctor about the health of your baby and the ways on how you have to keep him healthy. This will help you offer a healthy future to your baby. 

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Tips to improve fertility in women

Reproductive health has an important role in your fertility. There are many factors that can affect your fertility. It can be medical reasons, environmental factors, genetics or lifestyle. Maintaining good reproductive health is important for women to keep her fertility. You should know the factors that may affect your fertility and at the same time, you should be aware of the precautions that you should take. It is happy news that you can improve your fertility by following some easy rules and routines in your life. Here are some useful tips to improve fertility in women.

Tips to improve fertility in women

Diet: Diet has a direct impact on your reproductive health. It is important for women to avoid junk foods or processed food. Studies have proved that poultry treated with hormones can affect the fertility of women. One of the important tips to improve fertility in women is to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Healthy weight: Having a healthy weight is one of the very crucial tips to improve fertility in women. Calculate your body mass index and keep your weight in the perfect range. This is very important to avoid many fertility problems, especially hormonal imbalances.

Occupational exposure: Constant exposure to radiation and chemicals will affect your fertility status. There are chemicals that can mimic hormones like oestrogen, which will result in fertility problems. Keeping your workplace safe is one of the effective tips to improve fertility in women.

Folic acid: If you are planning to get pregnant, it is recommended to start taking folic acid supplement three months before the targeted intercourse. This will help in improving your over all fertility and will produce healthy ovum.

Exercise: Following a healthy exercise routine will help improve your overall health and well being. Doing exercise and yoga are helpful tips to improve fertility in women. It will keep your mind and body healthy, thereby improving your fertility.

Lifestyle: Following a healthy lifestyle will give you added benefits in your reproductive life. Avoid smoking, drinking and using recreational drugs. A balanced diet, proper exercise and good emotional health have direct and indirect impact on your fertility.

Medical check-up: There are a lot of medical problems that may affect your fertility. One among the crucial tips to improve fertility in women is to seek proper medical advice. Diagnose and treat the reason behind irregular periods and other fertility problems.

Emotional health: Maintain a good balance between your mind and body. This has great role in the proper functioning of your pituitary glands. Try meditation to keep your mind calm. Having a positive attitude towards your life is one of the effective tips to improve fertility in women.

Try these tips to improve fertility in women and have a healthy reproductive life. 

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tired during pregnancy? How to cope with it?

A hardworking body! This is what you can expect when you are pregnant. The increased workload of your body may make you weary and tired during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not that much a beautiful experience for those who are facing severe tiredness, due to one or more reasons. Morning sickness, increased metabolism, emotional disturbances, household chores, professional strain or inappropriate diet schedule can be considered as culprits for this annoying condition. 

Coping with fatigue during pregnancy is very important to keep yourself and your baby healthy. Experiment and find out your own ways to keep your energy level high, which will make reasonable difference in your health status. If you feel that you are one among those women who feel extremely tired during pregnancy, this is for you. Here are some tips that will help you get relieved from your fatigue.

Relax:Rest is very essential to keep your body healthy during pregnancy. Take some time to relax your mind and body. You can do anything that does not demand physical exertion during this time like reading, listening to music or watching television. Cut down your to-do list and give priority to getting time to lighten up. 

Balanced diet: Eating healthy is very important during pregnancy. You have to take enough food to satisfy not only the needs of your body, but also that of your unborn baby. Nutritious foods that meet your body’s demand will help you get relieved from being tired during pregnancy. 

Stray hydrated: Another reason for tiredness that is commonly overlooked by pregnant women is the lack of drinking enough water. Water is essential to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration will make you more drained and tired during pregnancy. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses or more of water daily. 

Get adequate sleep: Disturbed sleep is a common experience of pregnant women. This is mainly due to the changes in the pregnancy hormones. Getting enough sleep is one of the best ways for coping with fatigue during pregnancy. Take daytime naps whenever possible to compensate your night sleep loss. 

Exercise:Don’t think that you are tired and doing exercise will make you more exhausted. Performing mild exercises is considered as one of the effective ways for beating your fatigue. A slow walk is considered as the best exercise for pregnant women. 

Seek medical advice: Getting tired during pregnancy is normal. But, at the same time, there are many other medical conditions that may be presented with fatigue as a general symptom. So, it is recommended to seek medical advice to make sure that your fatigue is not due to any other medical reasons that are not related to pregnancy.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Dealing with pregnancy hormone changes

Your hormones will start acting as ‘horror mones’ once you get pregnant. You may be bright and cheerful at one moment and may change to gloomy and blue the next. You can become a firestorm of emotions when your pregnancy hormones start rising up. 

The action of hormones will make not only physical changes, but also emotional disturbances. Dealing with pregnancy hormones is a tough task. This is the time when a woman needs more emotional support and care. Knowing how to deal with hormone during pregnancy will help relieve many of the related problems. It is important to air your worries for leading a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

There is no point in blaming your pregnancy hormones because they are doing their duties perfectly to keep your baby safe and healthy. All that you have to do is find some tips to cope with this temporary situation. Here are some tips for dealing with pregnancy hormones that may help you.

Realize it is normal: It is important to realize that these are normal peaks and valleys that every women face during the pregnancy roller coaster ride. This will help you manage your emotions wisely and effectively. It is better to overlook such out-bursting situations. Get involved in a maternity group, so that you can share your feelings with others who are in the same situation.

Get a hobby: Having a hobby is a good idea to keep your emotional stability. This will keep you full of activity so that you will not bother about other emotional provocations. You can opt for any hobbies that will make you active and happy. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to stay away from emotional frustrations caused by pregnancy hormones. 

Talk with your partner: It is your partner who is suffering the most because of your emotional changes. Consider his feelings and take enough time to communicate with your partner. Tell him about your concerns and make a plan on how to deal with your hormones during pregnancy. 

Plan a trip: Nurturing your relationships is one great idea for dealing with pregnancy hormones. Once your little one enters your life, you will not get time even to think of planning a trip. So, use this time to make a trip with your partner, friends or family. This will help you to stay active and energetic, thereby managing your emotional variations. 

Prenatal yoga: Practicing prenatal yoga is a good idea for dealing with pregnancy hormones. This will help keep your mind relaxed, while offering many health benefits to your body. Remember to make sure that you are medically fit before trying yoga. Get the help of an expert trainer to practice yoga.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Tips to have a healthy baby

Now that you know you are pregnant, you will be searching for all the possible ways to keep your baby healthy and safe. It is more important that you have to pay extra attention and care to your physical and mental health. There can be situations that may cause a miscarriage or premature birth if you do not take the needed care. 

Chances are more for your baby to undergo genetic mutations if your food is not free from pesticides, if you use a toxic cleaner without personal protection or if you take any medications without the prescription of your doctor. Knowing some tips to have a healthy baby can help you go easy and healthy during your pregnancy. 

Since the responsibility to keep your unborn baby safe in your womb belongs completely to you, things to do to have a healthy baby should start even before conception. Along with that, you can do many other things that will help you to have a healthy baby. Here, boldsky is presenting a list of the most important tips to have a healthy baby. 

Eat healthy: One of the most important things to do to have a healthy baby is eating healthy. Follow a well balanced diet, which includes all the necessary nutrients that your baby need for the growth and development.

Take prenatal vitamins: Taking prenatal vitamins is one of the most important things to do to have a healthy baby. Folic acid in the prenatal vitamins will help reduce the risk of developing neural tube birth defects such as spina bifida.

Regular exercise: If you don’t have any medical problems, it is completely safe to get involved in mild exercises. This will help you stay active while increasing your physical strength. It is recommended to follow exercises that do not need much physical exertion.

Oral health: The awareness that oral health has an important role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy is very important. Maintaining good oral hygiene is one among the most notable tips to have a healthy pregnancy. 

No junk foods: Stay away from junk foods, no matter how much you crave for them. Junk foods and processed foods are not recommended for a pregnant woman as it may contain many preservatives and additives that can harm your baby. 

No self medication: Never ever try to take any medications without the prescription of your doctor. There are many medications that are not at all safe for a pregnant woman. Taking this will create many complications, which can affect your unborn baby.

Clean habits: Throw away your bad habits and this will be the best thing that you can do for your baby. Smoking, consuming alcohol and taking illegal drugs should be entirely avoided during pregnancy. This is considered as one of the main tips to have a healthy baby. 

Prenatal yoga: Yoga is one of the best options to be included in the tips to have a healthy baby. Your emotional health has great role in the development of your baby and practicing yoga will help to keep your mind calm.

Safe workplace: It is true that your workplace can influence the growth and development of your unborn baby. Stay away from harmful chemicals, pesticides, radiations and other pollutions. Take necessary steps to keep your baby safe in your womb.

Seek medical advice: It is an important point among the tips to have a healthy baby. Don’t hesitate or make it late to contact your doctor if you feel any unusual discomfort. Get medical advice if you experience spotting, bleeding, abdominal pain or back pain.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Anti-Skin Spoilers To Watch Out For

Generally we consider exposure to sun, dry winds and pollution as the major culprits for skin problems. But, according to a report in IANS, there are other skin spoilers too, which makes skin are more important. Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO and founder of health and wellness company Nosh Detox Delivery, shares a list of factors that harm the body's largest organ, reports

One among these is pollution, which leads to the production of "free radicals" that can wreak havoc on the skin. Sugar is another skin spoiler. "Free radicals" can also be produced internally as a result of glycation. This causes the collagen fibres to lose their elasticity and becoming prone to breakage.

Hormones also act as skin spoilers. With a change in levels of oestrogen during menopause, significant changes within the skin also happen. When there is a drop in oestrogen levels, the production of new skin cells slows down, resulting in a thinning of the skin layers. This way, the skin becomes unable to maintain hydration, strength and elasticity. If you are looking for skin care tips, here is a list of some of the anti-spoilers. 

Skin Spoilers To Watch Out For 

Antioxidants: Adding antioxidants to your diet is one of the useful skin care tips to counteract and fight the "free radicals". Colourful vegetables, especially orange and green like carrots, sweet potato and spinach, and dark berries like blueberries and blackberries are rich in anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants. 

Fruits: Applying fruits on your skin will help in skin care. Create a homemade Avocado face mask by mashing up a ripe avocado and pat it evenly onto your face. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a highly moisturising pack as it consists of natural oils that act as emollient and vitamin E also has moisturising properties.

Sunscreen: Using any sunscreen of good quality, which has an SPF of at least 15 will help in your skin care. Protecting your skin from direct sunlight is one of the most important skin care tips. It is recommended to apply sunscreen at least one hour before you get into direct sunlight and also remember to reapply the sunscreen every two hours.

Quit smoking: Smoking has an important role in forming wrinkles on your skin. Smoking will decrease blood flow by narrowing the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin. This causes reduced oxygen flow. Smoking will also damage collagen and elastin. These all makes quitting smoking one of the most useful skin care tips. 

Healthy diet: A balanced diet can do great contributions for your skin care. If you are looking forward to skin care tips, the first thing that you have to do is including skin friendly foods in your diet. Include antioxidant rich foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Give importance to diet rich in vitamin C, foods low in unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates.

Relax: Stress hormones are great enemies to your skin. If you want to implement some skin care routine in your daily life, the easiest way is to be relaxed and calm. To promote a healthy skin and a peaceful mind, take necessary steps to handle your stress. Exercise and yoga is very useful for your skin care.

Hydrate your skin: Drinking enough water is very important for your skin care. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important skin care tips. This will help in keeping your skin moisturized and thereby it will maintain the elasticity of the skin. It will prevent wrinkles and will make your skin supple and young. 

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fence gardening ideas for winter

Gardening allows you to put in some creative ideas to make your yard look beautiful and appealing. There are many innovative ideas to make your garden look special during this winter. Fence gardening is one among them. 

Fencing will help separating your garden from a strip of land. Fence gardening is very helpful to soften and camouflage your garden along with providing a stylish theme. If you are ready to spend a little time and effort to plan your landscaping, you can make fence gardening even more attractive. Fence gardening is one of the most popular choice of those who love designer gardens. 

Fence gardening will increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape by extending your garden to your fences. If you have only limited space for making a garden, incorporate a fence garden to your landscape. This will help you go some extra lengths to make your garden as beautiful and appealing as possible. Another practical side of fence gardening is that it will allow you to save space in your garden by using your fences in a more productive way. 

Here are some different types of winter fence gardening ideas for you, from which you can select the best one suitable for your garden space. 

Wood fence:Fencing with wood fence is the typical and traditional way of fence gardening. This is cheap and easy, which makes it one of the favourite choices among winter garden tips. If your chief concern is creating a backyard sanctuary, wood fence will be the best choice.

Chain link fencing:Chain-link fences will be the best choice while considering cost as well as effectiveness. This will make your fence gardening special and attractive. Making chain-link fencing can be considered as one of the most useful winter garden tips to spread winter flowering plants. 

Picket style fence: Picket style fences are the all-time favourite of garden lovers. White picket fence will be an excellent match for gardens of cottage style homes. Planting rich winter flowering plants near picket style fence is one of the most popular winter garden tips.

PVC vinyl fence: PVC vinyl fences are achieving great popularity in fence gardening, among designer garden lovers for its longevity and durability. This offer low maintenance and it is the best option to pet proof your garden.

Plant fence: If you want to have a continuity of green in your garden, plant fence will be the best option for you. This will give your garden a more natural look. Selecting winter friendly plants will one of the most useful winter garden tips for fence gardening. 

Bamboo fence: Bamboo fence is also widely used by garden lovers. This will suitable, if you don’t have much safety concerns. Using bamboo of large diameter as horizontal sections will allow you to plant small flowering plants by making cuts in it. 

Metallic fence: If you are planning to cover the complete fence with climbing plants, consider using a metallic fence. Metallic fences are long lasting and strong. The durability and ease in maintenance of metal fences makes it particularly ideal for fence gardening.

Chicken wire fence: If you are looking for a very simple option to include fence gardening, then a chicken wire fence will be the best choice. Chicken wire comes in a variety of widths and mesh sizes, which allows you to personalize your fence.

Aluminium fence: Aluminium fences are also achieving great popularity due to its cost effectiveness. You can plant winter friendly plants as a line along the fence. Spreading climbing plants on the fence is also one of the most interesting winter garden tips.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Best Time To Leave Work When Pregnant

Maternity leave is the time when an expected mother takes leave from their work to get prepared for the arrival of a baby. Maternity leave will allow you to get ready, both physically and mentally. It is sure that you have to take a break from your job after being pregnant. But, when to leave work during pregnancy is the most common doubt that all working women face after becoming pregnant.

It is important to take the maternity leave at the correct time for the proper health of both the baby and the mother. If you are one among those confused pregnant women still confused about when to leave work during pregnancy, go through these useful points which will help you to make a right decision.

Best Time To Leave Work When Pregnant 

1.Nature of your job: A working environment which exposes you to harmful chemical, radiations or hard toil is not recommended during pregnancy. In such cases, it is better to take leave at the first trimester itself because it is the time which makes the foetus more prone to genetic abnormalities.

2.Your health: Your health is an important factor which determines when to leave work during pregnancy. If you are perfectly healthy, you may work until the third trimester as long as your work environment is safe for you and your baby. 

3.Your baby’s health: Baby’s health should be given great importance among the factors that decide when to leave work during pregnancy. If your doctor has indicated any health issues to your unborn baby, you should closely follow the instruction of your doctor about when to leave work during pregnancy.

4.Pregnancy complications:If you have any medical conditions that make your pregnancy risky, you have to take proper medical advice from your doctor about when to leave work during pregnancy. Give priority to your pregnancy and leave your work if you have any conditions that recommend complete rest.

5.Time of labour: If you are confused about when to leave work during pregnancy, it is better to consider your health and time of labour. It is better to leave your work near to your delivery as long as you are healthy. This will allow you to spend more time to take care of your baby. 

6.Job responsibility:If you are doing a very responsible job, it is important to make up your absence. Prepare beforehand for giving the works to other able colleagues. Having a discussion with your colleagues will help you in deciding when to leave work during pregnancy.

7.Duration of leave:Considering the duration of maternity leave that your workplace offer will help you to decide when to leave work during pregnancy. If you have a short duration, better take it near to your delivery.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy habits and practices have an important role in keeping you healthy and happy. According to a study conducted by Michigan State University, a healthy lifestyle is defined by four basic criteria that are ‘not smoking, correct weight, eating right and exercising. Sometimes, a small change in your daily schedule can make big changes to your life, making it healthier.

If you are ready to spend some time and energy to improve the quality of your life and living, then following a healthy life is not so difficult. Avoiding unhealthy practice needs to be given the same importance as practicing healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle should give importance to factors that influence both physical and mental health.

A healthy diet alone is insufficient to provide you complete health. There are some other factors also that have a direct or indirect impact on your health. If you are looking forward to improve your lifestyle, here are some simple tips for healthy lifestyle that you can implement in your life.

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle 

1.Healthy diet: A healthy diet is one of the important factors that determine the quality of your life. If you want to include some tips for a healthy lifestyle as a routine, include a balanced and nutritious diet in it. It is important for both your physical and mental health.

2.Better sleep: Tips for healthy lifestyle will definitely give and important place for a sound sleep. Sleeping is important for the body to get proper rest and relaxation. Go to your bed early with a peaceful mind and wake up early to a pleasant day.

3.Stay hydrated: Water can be considered as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking enough water is one of the key tips for healthy lifestyle. Drinking at least eight glasses of water is important to keep yourself healthy.

4.No junk foods: Junk foods may be tastier than what you prepare at home, but it is not a healthy choice. Avoiding junk foods or processed food is one among the list of tips for healthy lifestyle. 

5.Healthy relationships: If you want to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle, you should definitely give importance to good and healthy relationships. Keeping family bonds strong is one of the important tips for healthy lifestyle.

6.Exercise:Tips for healthy lifestyle should certainly include exercise in it. It is important to spend some of your time daily for exercising, as it will help you to keep your body fit and healthy. 

7.Deep breath: Instead of taking shallow breaths, take deep breaths. Oxygen is very important for our cells, including brain cells. Practice to take deep breath as possible that fills your lungs.

8.Have a hobby: Having a hobby is a good idea to be included in the top list if tips for healthy lifestyle. Having a hobby will keep you busy with something that you are interested along with reducing stress

9.Be happy: Remember that happy people will live longer. So being happy is the best among the tips for healthy lifestyle. Making new friends, spending time with family or finding new activities will keep you happy, active and energetic.

10.Clean habits: No tips for healthy lifestyle will give you benefits if you have the habits of smoking, using alcohol or illegal drugs. Smoking and drinking will affect your health by its direct and indirect impacts.

11.Be positive: Have a positive attitude towards your life. It is sure that life is a mixture of different incidents and emotions. Tips for healthy lifestyle should focus mainly on a positive outlook towards your life.

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