Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tips For Reading To Toddlers

There are at least a certain percentage of parents who don’t know the importance of reading to your toddler. They may wait a bit long to read for their toddlers. This is due to a false concept that a toddler is not developed enough to understand if you read aloud to them. But, it is important to know that reading to your toddler is very crucial in developing their communication skills. You just read aloud to your toddler without thinking too much about whether your toddler understands what you are reading to them. 

Your toddler will grasp and store the words, language and tone in their unconscious mind while you are reading. If you are reading to your toddler daily, it will increase their language skills, and exposure to a large vocabulary. Here are some practical tips for reading to your toddlers that will make the process easier and effective.

Comfort level: It is important to keep your toddler comfortable and contended while reading for them. Don’t force them to listen to you. Leave them if they are not interested. Try to attract them to the books by trying different ideas.

Routine: Toddlers love to follow routines in their life. Reading to your toddlers will be more effective if you make it as a part of their routine. Bedtime stories are the best way to make reading to your toddlers more effective.

Don’t be serious: Don’t make the process of reading to your toddlers a serious procedure. Being silly and childish is the best way to attract your toddler. Their ears will be listening to your sounds even if they are playing and moving around.

Be flexible: If you find that your toddler is interested in any particular picture or story in a book, try to read from it. Do not force your toddler to follow what you want to read for them. Be flexible in the timing as well. 

Be active: Sitting calmly in a chair and reading to your toddler may not work effectively. Make noise, show some actions and be curious while you try to read to your toddlers. This will help grab the attention of your toddler. 

Colourful pictures: Colours will attract toddlers. Select books with colourful pictures. Show the picture to your toddlers and try to explain about the one which they select. This will help you make your toddler focused on what you are reading to them.

Be expressive: Try to be expressive while reading to your toddlers. This will keep them active and interested. Use finger plays, songs and actions to get the attention of your toddler. Leaving open ended questions will also help make them curious.

Use familiar names: It is a good idea to replace the names of the characters in the story with names that are more familiar to your toddlers. This will make them more interested. Use the name of your toddler often while you read.
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

10 Creative Ways To Use Old Calendars

As the months and years fly, the old calendars will start to pile up in your storage place. If you are thinking about getting rid of your old calendars, remember that it will be a great loss to throw away those quality glossy papers with pretty pictures. Recycling the pages into usable objects is a creative way to use calendars. Have you ever thought of using those old calendars in some creative ways? 

If you have a little creativity and idea in your mind, you can recycle your old calendars. You can use the numbers for teaching your toddlers by making a puzzle. Old Calendars are a great source of images as well. You can reuse these images for scrap booking projects. 

So, from now onwards, don’t think that old calendars are useless after their initial purpose. They can offer a new look if you take a little time to think of creative ways to use calendars. Think of some creative ways to use calendars that allow you to get continued use out of them. If you are looking for some good and different ideas for making something attractive using old calendars, here is a list of possibilities at hand!

10 Creative Ways To Use Old Calendars 

1. Bookmark: Think of making a bookmark from using old calendars that has beautiful and colourful pictures in it. If you feel that the paper is not sturdy enough, just add a card stock to the backside. 

2. Use as Placemats: One of the most creative ways to use calendars is to turn them into placemats. You can create completely unique placemats by cutting out the images in the old calendars. It will be better if you select glossy papers. 

3. Wall hanging: Many calendars have artworks of famous painters and photographers. You can frame these images to use as a beautiful wall hanging. Decorate your house with famous paintings using old calendars.

4. Number games for kids: No need to search anywhere else to make a puzzle game for your kids. Using old calendars, you can easily make by your own. Let your kids also to get involved in the process. 

5. Envelopes: Instead of spending money for pre-made stationary envelopes, try making personalized envelopes. A few simple folds will give you one of the most creative ways to use calendars. 

6. Gift-wrap:Using old calendars you can make a collage of images, which will be an excellent choice as a gift-wrap. You can use colourful glossy sheets as such also for wrapping any special gift.

7. Paper bag: If you want to do your part for the environment, then use your old calendars in a new way to make simple paper bags. This will help you make colourful paper bags, which you can use as gift carrier or for keeping your kid’s stuff. 

8. Desk calendar as photo stand: If you have a desk calendar, you can use your creative mind to make it an attractive photo frame. You can keep it on your table to make your room more beautiful. 

9. Gift tag:Old calendars can be reused as such or by using a particular part of it. One of the super-cute creative ways to use calendars is to make interesting gift tags. The idea is to cut the pictures out of it to use it as a gift tag. You can laminate it as well.

10. Craft projects: There are a lot of small and big DIY projects that you can try. You can increase the interest of your kids in craft projects by using this wonderful and cheap raw material. Make your works more attractive by trying different creative ideas.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tips For Dating A Workaholic Man

Dating a workaholic man may not be something that you are looking for while searching for a relationship. But, it’s true that reality is sometimes different from our expectations. Don’t worry if you are one among those women who are trying to date a workaholic man. Love has no place and time. It will give you surprises and excitements at anytime and anywhere. If you allow your man to continue as a workaholic, beware, you are deciding to miss many wonderful moments that may happen in wrong hours. So, prepare yourself to deal with a workaholic man, so that you can enjoy your love with all its meaning.

If you are planning to date a person who wakes up thinking of his office table and ends up with business dinner, it’s time for you to think of some tips. Here are some easy and effective tips for dating a workaholic man.

Tips For Dating A Workaholic Man 

Be sure: Before thinking of any other tips for dating a workaholic man, you should make sure whether your man is workaholic or not. Being dedicated to work doesn’t mean that your man is workaholic. Workaholics are those who are not thinking of anything other than work.

Study the situation: Before opposing his work schedule, make sure about the reason why he is spending much time with work. It may be due to job competence, pressure from seniors or trials to get promotions or rewards. If so, make him feel that you understand his situation.

Be patient: It is not so easy to make a workaholic man in a fulltime romantic mood. Be patient enough to get your task done on him. Hold on to him and try to make him understand how being too much workaholic is ruining your relationship. 

Communication:It is important to have an open discussion with our partner about the situation. Listen to him, give your suggestion and sort out a solution. Your support will make him more confident in facing the circumstances.

Outing:Planning an outing is the best idea while dating a workaholic man. Have a discussion about the time and location with your love and stick on to that strictly. This will let him know the importance of coming out of the workload.

Be positive: Don’t run into rash assumptions before knowing the actual situation. Be positive in your attitude. If required, try to change your views, because your definition for workaholic may not be the same as your partner.

Ground rules: Once you had an open discussion with your boy friend about maintain a proper balance between love and work, try to make some ground rules for it. Allocate time for date nights, partying and picnic in it.

Compromise: After all, it’s all about a relationship. Allow your man to follow his dream, if he is determined. Give him enough time to spend with his work. You can support him by helping him in his work. 

Try these tips for dating a workaholic man successfully. 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Successful Deaf People

Some people surprised the world by overcoming their physical disabilities. There are a lot of successful people, who survived their physical shortcomings with their willpower and determination. There are physically challenged people who did far astonishing deeds than most of the completely healthy and physically blessed people. They are a true inspiration and motivation to other physically or mentally challenged people. Many among these successful people were deaf.

Earth is a completely different place for deaf people, when compared to the normal population. A physically challenged person, especially those who are blind or deaf, needs far more efforts and preparations to live in a world of prevailing rules of normal people. But there are truly admirable people who did great things despite their deafness. 

Here are some of the famous and eminent successful deaf people, who were successful in leaving their marks in the history by doing great things with their strength of will.

Successful Deaf People 

Ludwig van Beethoven: Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. By the age of 26, Beethoven began to lose his hearing. By the last decade of his life, he became almost totally deaf. But, most of his famous compositions were made during this time.

Louis Frisino: Louis Frisino is one of the most successful deaf people, who is a creative artist and painter. Frisino is interested more in painting realistic nature subjects, such as dogs, fish and ducks. He is also hired by people for doing paintings of personal pets using photographs.

Helen Keller: Helen Keller is perhaps the most famous and inspiring successful deaf people ever. She became deaf and blind when she was only 19 months old. With her strong will power, she achieved fame as a writer, humanitarian, and social activist.

Thomas Alva Edison: Thomas Alva Edison is one among the successful deaf people. Edison became deaf in early childhood due to scarlet fever and recurrent ear infections. He was an inventor, who developed many devices including the phonograph and light bulb. 

Linda Bove : Linda Bove is one of the famous and successful deaf people, who is an American actress. She played the part of Linda, the Librarian on the children's television program Sesame Street. Bove encouraged children to sign language as well. 

Johnnie Ray:John Alvin Ray was an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Ray developed a sole rhythm based style and a more conventional classic pop approach. He became partially at age of 13 after an accident during a Boy Scout event. 

Harold MacGrath: Harold MacGrath is one of the famous and successful deaf people, who is an American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter. With his willpower, he overcame his disability with his passion for letters. He became wealthy by his talent and travelled over the world.

Heather Whitestone McCallum: Heather Whitestone is the first and only deaf Miss America. She was one of the successful deaf people, who served the National Council on Disability and the Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education board.

Gertrude Ederle: Gertrude Ederle was an American competitive swimmer, who is certainly one of the inspiring successful deaf people. In 1926, she became the first woman to swim across the English Channel. She spent the rest of her life teaching swimming to deaf children.

Laurent Clerc: Laurant Clerc was called "The Apostle of the deaf in America" and "The Father of the Deaf" by American deaf people. He was a co-founder of the first school for the deaf in North America. Clerc is one of the most successful deaf people in American history.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weird Foods From The Sea

If you consider diversity in interests, foods will come in the first place. Different people have different tastes for food. At the same time, some people love to try weird things when it comes to foods. Trying something new will be an exciting experience for many people who love to experiment and if it is some weird foods from the sea, it will be more thrilling for them. Some of these weird foods from the sea have been featured in dishes for thousands of years, while some others are most modern. It is strange and weird to know that people are there, who enjoy eating even poisonous seafood. Here are some of the weird foods from the sea.

Weird Foods From The Sea

Fugu (blow fish): Fugu is poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin. Fugu dishes are prepared very carefully after removing toxic parts to avoid contamination the meat. The restaurant preparation of fugu is permitted only under strict law in Japan and several other countries, and only qualified chefs with rigorous training are allowed to cook the fish.

Fermented shark: Eating shark is not uncommon. But, fermented shark is one of the weird foods from the sea. In this procedure, shark will be buried in the ground after gutting and beheading. This will be left to ferment for six months. The weirdest thing in this is that it served with a potato wine called Black Death.

Fish eyes: Eating fish eyes is a weakness in the Philippines and some other parts of South East Asia. Sucking vigorously to get out all the juices from the eye is more interesting for them than spit out the cornea. Raw fish eyes are the most popular.

Live shrimp: Do you feel it exciting to eat a live shrimp swimming in a bowl of rice wine? The Chinese shrimp lovers capture them with chopsticks and bite the head off first. Then they will pass on to the body of the shrimp.

Moving tentacles of octopus: This is a Korean dish commonly called as Sannakji hoe. This consists of eating either the moving tentacles of an octopus or removing the tentacles from a whole, live octopus. Some people love eating moving tentacles that wriggle even as they are swallowed.

Drunken shrimp: Drunken shrimps are another set of weird foods from the sea. This Chinese dish is made by keeping live shrimps in a bowl of sweet alcohol, such as white wine. Some people prefer to cook these shrimps.

Sea urchins: Sea urchins are weird foods from the sea that may tempt live seafood lovers. Sea urchins or urchins are small, spiny, globular animals. They are generally eaten raw and some people prefer to eat them immediately after they are cut open.

Stone crab claws: Eating crab claws are not new or bizarre. But knowing the technique of taking the claws from a stone crab can be weird. The claws are removed from the crabs, while they are still alive. The claws are removed by applying a special technique that will allow the claws to regenerate again. 

Ikizukuri:Ikizukuri is one of the most weird foods from the sea. It is a preparation of sashimi made from live seafood. The most popular sea animals used in ikizukuri are fish, octopus, shrimp, and lobster. It will be consumed while still alive. 

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Healthy Cuisines Around The World

People love to experiment with different varieties of new foods. You will not find any difficulty in having a foodie experience, when you have a lot of choices around the world that give you difference in colour, taste, smell or ingredients of dishes. But, it will be a little tough for you to select a cuisine, if you are health conscious. Healthy cuisines around the world will always be the best choice for those who love to have a wonderful food experience. 

Taste and colour will be enough to satisfy your taste buds. But, to keep yourself healthy, it is better to opt for healthy cuisines around the world. Consider the ingredients, method of preparation, calorie and additives of a cuisine before opting for it. Healthy cuisines around the world will provide you a new taste experience while keeping you healthy and fit. 

Enjoying global cuisines will be an exciting experience if you select from the best healthy cuisines around the world. Here is a list of the most widely accepted healthy cuisines around the world, which will help you to pick the best.

Healthy Cuisines Around The World 

Mediterranean:This cuisine is also known as the Greek cuisine. The dishes in the Mediterranean cuisine category are healthy and delicious. It generally includes fresh vegetable dishes that are boiled or steamed. It contains fruits, omega-3 fatty acid rich fish, salmon and other seafood as well. 

Japanese: The country of the rising sun presents one of the healthy cuisines around the world. It is delicious and healthy. This cuisine uses more green vegetables such as broccoli and zucchini, which makes it delicious and healthy. Japanese dishes are boiled, steamed or quick fried. 

California:This is another option for all those foodies who love to try healthy cuisines around the world. This cuisine is mainly made with fresh fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to worry about weight gain because California cuisine is mainly vegetarian. 

Indian: Indian cuisines are well-known for containing spices such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, garlic, red chilli powder, cardamom and turmeric powder. Turmeric powder used in curries and sabjis has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Vietnamese: Vietnamese cuisine includes herbs, vegetables and seafood. They use healthy cooking methods for the preparation of food. They use water or broth instead of oils. Vietnamese cuisine is lower in calories and rich in flavours of cilantro, mint, and red chilli. 

Italian: The Italian cuisine is one of the healthy cuisines around the world. The key ingredients are tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano, and basil.Studies say that lycopene in tomatoes may help protect women from breast cancer.

Spanish:Fresh seafood, vegetables, and olive oil make Spanish foods one of the most widely accepted healthy cuisines around the world. This includes gazpacho, which contains cancer-fighting lycopene and paella, which contains fresh seafood, rice, and veggies.

South American: South America has very diverse health boosting ingredients that make it one of the healthy cuisines around the world. They use fresh seafood with a variety of spices. South American meal of rice, high-protein grains, vegetables and beans creates a perfect dish. 

Thai:Thai choice soup called Tom Yung Gung is well known for its ability to fight cancer. It is made with shrimp, coriander, ginger, lemongrass, herbs and spices. Thai food is one of the healthy cuisines around the world as it is rich in antioxidants. 

Mexican:If you are looking for healthy cuisines around the world that are low in calorie, Mexican cuisine will be the best option for you. Authentic Mexican contains beans, soups, and tomato-based sauces. This is heart healthy and will help fight breast cancer. 

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cleaning Kitchen Sink With Baking Soda

Every women love to keep their kitchen clean and attractive. Cleaning kitchen sink is an important part of keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. Selecting the best cleaning agent is the most crucial factor that will aid in cleaning kitchen sink. You will get a number of solutions in the market that can be used for cleaning kitchen sink. But, do you know that you have another simple and effective option that will compete with any other commercial products. Baking soda is one such effective option, which will help keep your kitchen sink clean and shiny. Using baking soda for kitchen cleaning once in a week will help break up stubborn clogs and sanitize the drain. 

It is important to avoid ammonia, bleach, or abrasive cleaners for cleaning stainless steel kitchen sinks. Use of abrasive sponges may cause scratches that may affect the overall look of your kitchen sink. There are some important points that you have to keep in your mind while trying to clean kitchen sink with baking soda. 

Here are some tips that you can consider while cleaning your kitchen sink with baking soda. Try these and this will make your job of using baking soda for kitchen sink cleaning more easy and effective.

Cleaning Kitchen Sink With Baking Soda 

Wash down: Cleaning your kitchen sink with baking soda will give a more effective result, if you take a little time to clean your sink before the application of baking soda. Use hot water to clean each and every corner of your sink. 

Gentle scrub: Remove all dirty dishes and any leftover food from your sink. Use a gentle soap, soft cloth, and warm water to clean the faucets, drain, and outer rim. The sink should be as clean as possible before applying baking soda. 

Use hot water: Before using baking soda for kitchen sink cleaning, run hot tap water into the drain. This will help remove bad odour and soften any gooey materials in the drain. After cleaning, keep the sink dry and ready for applying baking soda. 

Use baking soda: Clean the surface of the sink first with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the entire surface and clean the sink. Another effective option is making baking soda into a paste. Rinse thoroughly after the application. 

Baking soda down the drain: Pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain first. After that, pour a cup of white vinegar. After this step, pour some boiling water down the drain to wash off any leftover residue. 

Homemade baking soda cleaner: Pour half cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of lemon juice and mix. Use this solution over the surface of your sink, for cleaning kitchen sink with baking soda. Use this at least once a week. 

Baking soda with white vinegar: Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of lemon juice for making a solution of baking soda for kitchen sink cleaning. After draining this solution, pour down 1/2 cup of white vinegar. 

Baking soda with liquid soap: This is another combination of using baking soda for kitchen cleaning. Mix baking soda and liquid soap in a bowl. Dilute this solution with water and then add vinegar. Stir the mixture and keep in a bottle. Shake well before using. 

Final rinse: Once you're finished cleaning, remember to thoroughly rinse the sink. Clean it neatly and dry with a soft rag or cotton cloth. Clean your sink after each use. Make cleaning a routine to keep your kitchen sink clean and shining.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Strange Stories About The Moon

There's a lot we know about the moon. Moon is our nearest cosmic neighbour. Even though science won in taking men to the moon, moon still remains as a piece of surprise for the human kind. Moon is the main hero of all those poets, painters, writers and art lovers who admire the nature. After all, we all grow up hearing rhymes and stories about moon. This all keeps moon a bit of wonder in our concept. 

Apart from our general knowledge that moon is earth’s natural satellite, there are many other strange facts about moon. Many studies have been done to reveal the secrets and mystery behind moon. Most of the studies were helpful in finding out the various factors that are related to moon. There are many findings that do not match even with the most popular conventional beliefs and myths. Scientists are still searching for more mysteries in the surface of moon. Probably we will witness the first picnic to moon shortly.

The strange facts about moon are even more amazing than our bedtime stories about moon. You will get even more surprised, if you read this down. Here are some strange facts about moon.

Strange Stories About The Moon 

The origin of moon: The giant impact hypothesis is the leading theory for the origin of moon. According to this, moon was formed from the debris left over from a collision between the Earth and a body the size of Mars four and a half billion years ago.

Moon trees: The name moon tree will make us confused whether these trees come to earth from moon. But, it is not like that. During the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, Stuart Roosa carried 500 seed into orbit around the Moon. These fell to the earth and germinated successfully.

Moon is not alone: Scientists have shown that there is one more natural satellite for earth named Cruithne. This remains as one of the most strange facts about moon. It needs 770 years to complete a horseshoe-shaped orbit around Earth and so will remain suspended for at least 5,000 years.

Moon’s cratered surface: It is one of the strange facts about moon that its cratered surface is not changing. One of the reasons is that there is no movement in the moon’s surface like what happen in earth as earthquakes. Another reason is that there are no air movements in the form of wind. 

Shape of moon: One of the strange facts about moon is its shape. It is not round or spherical as it seems to be from the earth. Moon is slightly egg shaped because its centre of mass is about 1.2 miles off-centre.

Tides and moon: There are many stories about moon and tides. But, do you know that there is one of the strange facts about moon behind the reason? Tides are caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. 

Moving away: Many research scientists claim that the moon was about 14,000 miles away from the earth when it was formed. But, now it is more than 280,000 miles away. This is one of the most strange facts about moon.

Moon dogs: Don’t misunderstand that it is the first do to reach moon. A moon dog, otherwise called paraselene is a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo. This is formed due to the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Essential Vitamins For Women During Breastfeeding

Diet has an important role in having a healthy pregnancy. The condition is not different during your breastfeeding period as well. You need to have a balanced diet during breastfeeding not only to supply enough nutrients for your baby, but also to keep yourself healthy and fit. Taking enough vitamins by women during breastfeeding is very important in keeping your baby healthy and energetic. Many medical practitioners suggest taking good multivitamin supplements along with a healthy diet. 

Before continuing your prenatal vitamin during your breastfeeding, make sure that it contains enough doses that are needed during lactation. An extra supplement of key vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B are important for lactating women. Breastfeeding uses a lot of energy and nutrients, which has to be regained by providing additional supplements. It is one of the common pregnancy tips to take multivitamins. You can use this pregnancy tip during lactation as well. 

Multivitamin preparations that are specific for lactation will cover the majority of vitamins. Since the amount of vitamin may vary, check the labels and talk to your doctor to ensure that you are getting an adequate supply. Here are some important vitamins for women to take during breastfeeding.

Essential Vitamins For Women During Breastfeeding 

Vitamin D:Among the list of vitamins for women during breastfeeding, Vitamin D has an important role. It is recommended to take supplements of vitamin D containing 10 micrograms (mcg) each day. It is an important pregnancy tip also to get some morning or evening sunlight for the production of Vitamin D.

Vitamin C:Vitamin C is one of the crucial vitamins for women during breastfeeding. You can get this if you include citrus fruits, berries, tropical fruit, tomatoes, capsicum and potatoes in your diet. Other than foods, most of the multivitamin supplements contain Vitamin C.

Folate:Folate is very important during pregnancy and lactation. You can take an extra supplement for folate. At the same time, you can include leafy green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts in your diet. 

Vitamin E:Vitamin E is an important vitamin that has to be supplemented to your body, while you are breastfeeding. It can be supplemented to your body as oral, topical, or injected vitamin E, depending on your need.

Vitamin A:Supplementing vitamin A is important in the case of lactating mothers because of the increased demand of the vitamin during milk production. Along with taking vitamin supplements, include dark green and yellow vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and pumpkin in your diet.

Vitamin B6:The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDA) of vitamin B6 for breastfeeding women is 2 mg per day. If you considered taking multivitamin supplements as one of the most important pregnancy tips, then it should be the same during lactation as well.

Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2, otherwise known as riboflavin should be supplemented to lactating women to produce breast milk of good quality and mount. It can be found in certain foods such as milk, meat, eggs, nuts, enriched flour, and green vegetables.

Vitamin B12:Levels of vitaminB12 in the breast milk is related to the mother's intake. It is recommended that mothers who are vegetarians or who are at a risk for vitamin B12 deficiency should get an adequate supplement.

Vitamin B1:Breastfeeding women have a higher need for vitamin B12, when compared to others. Adequate intake of vitamins for women during breastfeeding will help keep the mother and baby healthy. 

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